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Terms and Outline: “It’s going to be a cold winter”: A New Kind of War I. Cold War: Ideology, Politics, and Arms II. Cold War Foundations: Yalta, 1945 A. Eastern Europe and Communism B. United Nations General Assembly Security Council III. Cold War Foundations: Leadership and Ideology A. Historians: Blame Truman? B. Stalin: Blame Capitalism? C. Go. Kennan: “long-term, patient but firm and vigorous containment” IV. Cold War Foundations: Diplomacy and Aid A. Greek civil war, 1946 Truman Doctrine B. Marshall Plan, 1947 C. Churchill: “Iron Curtain,” 1948 D. Domestic response, 1947 National Security Act (DOD, National Security Council, CIA) E. International Response 1. NATO, 1948 2. Berlin Wall Berlin Blockade Æ Berlin Airlift (1948-1949) 3. Russian A-bomb . . . arms race is on 4. China becomes communist under Mao Tse-tung V. Korea, “the forgotten war” A. Post-war Korea: 38 th parallel Stalin: NK invade SK, take Seoul in 3 days—begins June 1950 Truman, UN: quick, decisive action—appeasement no more American and UN naval, ground, and air forces Executive order precedent: “police action” B. China’s role and MacArthur’s reaction MacArthur: invade China Truman: “gigantic booby trap” January 1951, MacArthur fired Omar Bradley: “wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong enemy” C. Negotiations begin, war continues June 24, 1951, Stalin: cease-fire, restore 38 th parallel boundary July 10, peace talks begin July 27, 1953: truce reached with 38 th parallel boundary and 2.5 mile DMZ
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D. Results and Consequences
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12_NewKindWar_ColdWarAbroad - Terms and Outline Its going...

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