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EUH 2000 Outline - C OURSE O UTLINE PART ONE Please read...

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Unformatted text preview: C OURSE O UTLINE PART ONE Please read Chapters one, two, and three. This portion of the class deals with the very beginnings of history (and before) to about the time of the rise of Rome. August 22 Week One Week Two September 7 Week Three Week Four Week Five Class Introduction: policies, dates, manner of testing, assignments etc. etc. The Neolithic Revolution, Early Mesopotamia and Egypt—Europe The International Bronze Age, “The Lithics”, Mesopotamia and Egypt Labor Day Holiday (Sept. 5) Languages, Persians and Greeks, the Greek Dark Age, Mesopotamian eclipse. Classical Greece, more Persians, Judaism and other religions Greek transformation, Etruscans and Romans TEST ONE PART TWO Please read Chapters four, five, and six. This section of the class deals with primarily with Rome and events relating to the Roman Empire. Week Six October 3 Week Seven Week Eight Week Nine Week Ten The Hellenistic World, Early Rome From Republic to the Empire. The neighbors: Rome to the crisis of the third century. Late Antiquity: the new Rome Pagans and Christians. TEST TWO PART THREE Please read Chapters seven, eight, and nine. In the last art of the class we’ll look at material that bridges the period from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages. November 2 November 4 Week Eleven Week Twelve Week Thirteen Week Fourteen November 24 & 25 Week Fifteen December 5 Week Sixteen Week Seventeen Klepper/PC/1762N/EDD Homecoming Holiday The growth of Byzantium and the birth of Islam Last Day to drop with a W (Nov. 7) Islam of the Caliphs from the Abbasid to the Umayyad Caliphs The Germanic States and the growth of monarchial Christianity From Merovingian to Carolingian, an Age of Invasions Manor and Market, A Medieval Renaissance Thanksgiving Holiday The Church and the State, Summation and Review Course Wrap-up and Review FINAL EXAM TBA in class 5 8/11 ...
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