EUH 2000 Syllabus

EUH 2000 Syllabus - lepper/PC/1762N/EDD 8/11 I NSTRUCTOR...

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Unformatted text preview: lepper/PC/1762N/EDD 8/11 I NSTRUCTOR ’ S INFORMATION : Office Hours: TBA Mon: Tues.: Wed.: Thurs.: Fri.: Details! This is all incidental to my grief. I don't believe gods commit adultery. I don't believe gods throw gods in chains or tyrannize one another. Never did I believe it, never shall. God must, if God is truly God, Lack nothing. All the rest is miserable poets' lies. From Herakoes by Euripides, 406 BCE. Translated by Anne Carson Ancient Roman Soldiers An introduction to ancient Western civilization. This course examines the religious, political, eco- nomic and cultural trends of most importance to the future development of civilization in the West and indeed the world. The course considers in particular the early histories of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Southwest Asia as well as Greek, Hellenistic and Roman histories through the establishment of the great religious traditions of the West (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are explored. C OURSE DESCRIPTION : Instructor: Douglas W. Klepper Office: B-007 Telephone: 352-395-5128 E-mail: [email protected] Website: doug.klepper SANTA FE COLLEGE EARLY TIMES TO LATE ANTIQUITY COURSE SYLLABUS - FALL 2011 EUH 2000 SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST: Textbook: Civilization in the West Combined Volume by Kishlausky & Obrien Webpage: http:// doug.klepper/ [email protected] Last day to drop and receive a W is Nov. 7, 2011. SYLLABUS PAGES OBJECTIVES 2 CLASS FORMAT 2 GRADING 2 CONDUCT 3 GRADING SCALE 3 STUDENT EVAL 3 OUTLINE 4 Marriage Market lepper/PC/1762N/EDD 2 8/11 C OURSE O BJECTIVES Welcome, to this Western Civilization “survey” class. Most of the classes that students take in the first 25-30% of their college careers are surveys: e.g. Survey of Calculus or Survey of World Literature in the academic area called “history” a survey class is generally a class a student takes in a particular geographic area and in the particular time period under consideration. In some fields one does not take surveys instead the course might be called “introduc- tion to”. So this is a class to take if you do not know a lot about the particular subject, it is a good class for lower division undergrads. The particular survey class you are reading about right now is: EUH 2000 Western Civilization from Earliest Times to the late Middle Ages. What the letters and numbers mean in the system that we use in this state (and other states and colleges use as well) are as follows: EUH=European history AMH means American (i.e. United States) LAH= Latin American and so on. The number 2000 in this case denote (2) the suggested level of the class, i.e. for The number 2000 in this case denote (2) the suggested level of the class, i....
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EUH 2000 Syllabus - lepper/PC/1762N/EDD 8/11 I NSTRUCTOR...

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