EUH2000_Ch4_Testbk - EUH 2000 Testbank Ch 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE...

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EUH 20 Testba MULTIP stateme 1) T A B C D 2) D A B C D 3) P A B C D 4) A A B C D 5) A A B C D 6) A A B C D 7) T A B C D Klepper/ 000 nk Ch. 4 LE CHOICE ent or answ he period 3 ) Alexa ) the G period ) it is n ) it was uring the H ) non-G ) Greek ) Greek ) the G hilip II's mi ) were ) were ) consis ) comb lexander th ) his so ) he su ) he wa ) he wa lexander th ) Perse ) China ) Babyl ) Pakist lexander ru ) break ) renam Maced ) allowi electi ) adopt he Ptolema ) Persia ) Egypt ) Mesop ) Greec /PC/1782M/ E. Choose wers the q 36-31 B.C. nder the Gr reeks were d. named after s a period o ellenistic er Greek peopl k culture ab k culture rep reeks rema litary tactic modeled af based on th sted of larg ined well-ar he Great wa oldiers had s ccessfully a as a success as able to b he Great's c polis. a. on. tan. uled his emp king it up in ming the are don. ing each are ons. ting the Per ic dynasty r a. t. potamia. ce. /EDD the one a uestion. E. is referre reat's nickn known as H Helen of Tr f Persian do ra es fiercely r bsorbed man placed the l ined totally cs fter the trad he Persian c e infantry u rmed cavalr s successfu sworn an oa assassinated sful soldier uy peace w onquests ex pire by to city-state ea New Mac ea to choos sian metho ruled prima lternative ed to as the ame was He Hellenes an roy. omination o rejected any ny non-Gree local culture y unintereste ditional hopl cavalry mod units that ca ry and infan ul because ath of loyalt d his closest
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This note was uploaded on 11/27/2011 for the course EUH 2000 taught by Professor Klepper during the Fall '11 term at Santa Fe College.

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EUH2000_Ch4_Testbk - EUH 2000 Testbank Ch 4 MULTIPLE CHOICE...

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