EUH2000_Ch6_Testbk - EUH 2000 Ch 6 Testbank MULTIPLE CHOICE...

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EUH 20 Ch. 6 T MULTIP stateme 1. D a b c d 2. D a b c d 3. T a b c d 4. P a b c d 5. O a b c d 6. D a b c d 7. A a b c d 8. D a b c d Klepper/ 000 estbank LE CHOICE ent or answ uring the p . was r . return . collap . collap uring late a . emerg . disap . fused . disap he lowest p . the Pe . Gallie . Sever . the em olitically, on . politic . rule b . politic . popul ne of Diocle . estab . divide . build . allow iocletian's r . he red . he ap . he rei . he do s a consequ . the fo . was r more . the tr . the fo uring Diocle . were . were . were . gradu /PC/1783N/ E: Choose wers the q eriod betwe einvented a ned to its cl psed in Wes psed in the e antiquity, C ged as the d peared in W with Zoroa peared in E point for Rom ersians capt enus became rus Alexand mperor buil ne of the m cal decentra by the Sena cal centraliz ar democra etian's key lish the Got e the Roman a new capit the Senate reforms of t duced its si ppointed me inforced the oubled its si uence of Dio ocus of the eestablishe years. raditional ur ocus of the etian's reign no longer c forced to jo able to buy ually lost the EDD the one a uestion . een 250 and as the new assical root tern Europe east. hristianity dominant re estern Eur astrianism in astern Euro me's imperi tured Empe e emperor. er converte t a new cap ajor trends alization. te. zation. acy. reforms wa thic tribes a n empire in tal at Const e to veto all the Roman ze to 100,0 en loyal to h e borders of ze to 400,0 ocletian's m Roman emp d as a high rban aristoc Roman emp n, peasants considered R oin the Rom y more and eir land and
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This note was uploaded on 11/27/2011 for the course EUH 2000 taught by Professor Klepper during the Fall '11 term at Santa Fe College.

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EUH2000_Ch6_Testbk - EUH 2000 Ch 6 Testbank MULTIPLE CHOICE...

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