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EUH 20 Terms Fall 20 Doug K WEEK 1 The L Hydr Catal Sume Semi Strat Spec Gilga Ham Narm Hiero Cune Ziggu Nebu WEEK 2 Amen Arma Assy Baby Phoe Hittit WEEK 3 Hopli Home the I the O Socra Plato Aristo Klepper/ 000 for Stud 011 Klepper Lithics omagement l Huyuk er/Sumerian ites tification amish/Enkid murabi er oglyphs eiform urat
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Unformatted text preview: nhotep ana period ria ylon nicians tes ite/Phalanx er Iliad Odyssey ates otle /PC/1795P/E y n Sargon u EDD WEE Lycu Dem Mon Olig Olym WEE Peri Delo Pont Hero Thu EK 4 urgus ocracy narchy archy mpics EK 5 cles os/Delian Le tic Greeks odotus cydides eague 9 / 11...
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