Congressional Reform Act of 2011

Congressional Reform Act of 2011 - Reading some of these...

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Reading some of these posts gives me encouragement to see that a lot of Americans are finally waking up to the madness that is going on in American politics, and getting quickly worse. For too long it has been a matter of great disparagement to observe the increasing displays of irrational opinions of so many people who seem to only take into account what political "side" anyone or anything favors before choosing which side of any issue to be on, I can only recognize what a sad state of affairs it is what this country is turning into right before our very eyes. The swiftness of our sudden decline is startling to me; and mostly because of the ever-widening masses of people who are allowing themselves to revel in the basest sentiments of human nature and wicked considerations towards fellow man, and refusing to recognize what it is that they are forcing us as a whole to become. It is these places in the human heart which allowed for the inception of Naziism, and for societies like the decadence and evil culture of ancient Rome to exist. This Red state/Blue state nonsense is just a diversion, people. There is a much deeper agenda being played out here. Can't you recognize that? There are a few very powerful, insatiably greedy men pulling the strings for this puppet show some of you can't seem to take your eyes off of. They have a set purpose which requires several things to happen.
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Congressional Reform Act of 2011 - Reading some of these...

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