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For feminists, gender is a social construct – masculine and feminine roles are constructed identities that are passed on through socialization. Within IR, these gender roles play a significant role in views of war and peace. Masculinity is constructed in terms of rationality, activity, power, strength, and public life. Femininity is constructed as irrational, passive, weak, victimized, private, and dependent. As such, these gender constructs are used to frame foreign policy making – masculine values are attached to war, feminine values are attached to peace – war, therefore is active and strong, while peace is derided as passive and weak. A famous example of this dichotomy appeared in a work by Robert Kagan called Of Paradise and Power, where he argued that Americans lived in the Hobbesian world, while Europeans lived in the Kantian world of perpetual peace – one of his most famous statements was that Americans are from Mars, Europeans are from Venus – making the clear distinction between American
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