US-Soviet relationship

US-Soviet relationship - US-Soviet relationship:Liberals...

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Unformatted text preview: US-Soviet relationship:Liberals argue that poor communication and a lack of trust between the US and the Soviets caused high tensions between the two superpowers. Truman took an aggressive approach to the Soviet Union. This was prevalent throughout the 1950’s and culminated in the Cuban Missile Crisis.Liberals view the Cuban Missile Crisis as a success for diplomacy rather than the use of the threat of force. Before this crisis, the US and USSR had very little contact with one another. During the crisis, Kennedy, according to the liberals, was more concerned with reaching a compromise with the Soviets than in confronting them. Liberals focus on the Cordier initiative – a professor at Columbia met with the UN Secretary General U Thant and relayed a message that Kennedy was willing to remove intermediate range missiles from Turkey if the Soviets pulled their missiles from Cuba. This is an example of what liberals call track-two diplomacy, where individuals outside the government lay the groundwork for future official diplomatic negotiations. Realists obviously view this differently, but the point for the liberals is that a crisis was averted and greater efforts at communication were instituted- the creation of the hot line phone to Moscow occurred immediately after the Cuban missile crisis. It also was the result of a...
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US-Soviet relationship - US-Soviet relationship:Liberals...

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