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Economic problems - Economic problems Economic growth in...

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Economic problems: Economic growth in Africa is also slow. Part of this can be attributed to weak political institutions. Poor governance in Africa makes it a poor climate for foreign investment and for domestic entrepreneurship. Bureaucracies are bloated and slow, with significant regulatory obstacles to doing any kind of business. Corruption is also a serious problem. In addition, most of the African states have pursued a combination of poor macro and microeconomic poliices, that have inhibited economic growth. For many of the African states, agriculture is an important export, or possible export – however, African states have not been particularly successful in developing this aspect of their economy because a number of obstacles stand in the way which blocked access to world markets: 1. Lack of infrastructure – many states in Africa are landlocked and have to physical access to world markets – can’t get the products to market, either because infrastructure is poor or nonexistent, or because of conflict between states in the region prevents it.
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