Health and environmental issues

Health and environmental issues - addressed. The tragedy of...

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Health and environmental issues Globalization has brought issues of health and environment to the forefront in the study of international relations. There are strong linkages between these emerging issues and the traditional issues of international relations, particularly economics and politics. Health and environmental issues have strong influences on economic policy, security issues, social issues, etc. The liberal paradigm will focus the most on these issues. Health and environmental issues are collective goods issues; for many theorists, the tragedy of the commons is the most appropriate method for addressing these issues – as such, particularly for liberals, there is a wide diversity of actors involved in these issues – states, individuals, NGOs, IGO’s – only through the participation of all of these actors can these issues – which cannot be solved by states alone, according to liberals – be
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Unformatted text preview: addressed. The tragedy of the commons: Garrett Hardin argued against the invisible hand, arguing that when dealing with collective goods, individual rationality would cause more damage to a collective good. The story he tells is of a group of shepherds who all graze their flock on a common pasture. Each shepherd is a rational self-interested individual he has an economic interest in increasing the size of his flock. As each shepherd does this, each flock requires more land in the pasture. Over time, according to Hardin, the pasture will be depleted. Because the pasture is a freely accessible collective good, no single individual takes responsibility for its upkeep as a result, all of them take from the commons, but put nothing back. The invisible hand cannot resolve this problem it requires collective action....
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