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The Middle East, by contrast, does well in terms of access to basic services, such as health and education. Most of these countries have well developed educational systems and most of the population has access to clean water and sanitation. Therefore, one does not see the same problems of diseases as in sub-Saharan Africa. The problem is that the educational system in the Middle East does not match the economic performance of these states. The educational systems in many Middle Eastern states are very good, producing highly educated young people. However, these systems are supported entirely by oil revenues – there is no other economy. The problem here is that you have young people going through the educational system and then there are no jobs for them once they get out – most of them end of leaving the country to go to Europe, where they have a small possibility fo getting a job, but probably not in their field – many argue that this is one of the reason there are so many disaffected young men from the Middle East – they are educated, but they cannot work
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