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Sony - • Passwords on these will have to be reset What...

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Sony suspends 93,000 online accounts after illicit logins By Jay Alabaster, ComputerWorld (10/12/2011) What ’s Happening? Between 10/7 and 10/10, 93,000 Sony-based accounts were hacked 60,000 were on the PlayStation network 33,000 were on the SonyEntertainment network Where Did the Login Information Come From? The login IDs and passwords appear to have been found on one or more compromised lists from other companies What did Sony Do About This? Sony suspended 93,000 user accounts
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Unformatted text preview: • Passwords on these will have to be reset What was the Damage? • Only a "small number" of the attempts were successful, and no credit card information was leaked • Sony is not aware of any breach of its own databases in relation to the login attempts, including credit card data • In some cases unauthorized purchases may have been made through the accounts; Sony will refund the money to the account holders 1...
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