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History essay topic - When the colonist found this marketable crop it virtually ended the relationship that they had with the Native Americans

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Native Americans and Africans helped shape and develop the European colonies in North and South America. Without these groups of people, the new colonist might not have been able to survive. Native Americans were the first people in America and they had already adapted to their surroundings and become familiar with techniques that allowed them to survive. The new North American colonist did not have the skills that the natives had because they were not as familiar with their surroundings. As the seasons changed, many colonists became ill and died. The colonist realized that the Native Americans were not dying as they were. Captain John Smith saw how the Native Americans survived. Even though he was not very fond of the natives, he recognized their skills and he tried communicating with them so that his colony could survive. The natives helped the North American colonist find a marketable crop, which was tobacco.
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Unformatted text preview: When the colonist found this marketable crop, it virtually ended the relationship that they had with the Native Americans. Enslaved Africans were also very important to the colonist. Most early slaves were brought from West Africa because it was close to the coast. The first place that the slaves stopped at on their way back to America was the West Indies. When they reached the West Indies, they helped grow sugar. After there were a vast amount of slaves, the people from the West Indies expanded and moved to South Carolina. The slaves helped the colonist adapt to South Carolina because they were already used to it. The climate was almost identical to that of West Africa. The Africans helped the people of South Carolina survive by becoming experts in growing rice and indigo. With all of the new Africans in the colonies, the white colonists were forced to adapt. This also helped unify white society....
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