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history essay topic 2 - started it all Roanoke was the...

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There are many things that are similar, and different, in the colonies that developed in the new world. Among the many colonies to choose from, I chose Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Roanoke, North Carolina. Pennsylvania was a colony that was established for the Quakers that gave people religious freedom. Out of all of the colonies, Pennsylvania was one of the most religiously tolerant. Massachusetts was not as religiously free as Pennsylvania was. They believed in things such as predestination and a “brother’s keeper” mentality. Predestination meant that people were either saved or damned from birth. The brother’s keeper mind set meant that everyone looked out for everyone. In their society, almost everyone was a member of the church. But there were certain people that were considered to be damned that were not members. The elders of the church felt sorry for these people’s children, so they came up with the half way covenant so that these people could become a “1/2 members” of the church. The settlement that
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Unformatted text preview: started it all, Roanoke, was the basis of religious freedom. This colony was established by people that were in search of religious freedom. Protestants moved from England to separate from the Catholic Church. Economically and geographically, these three colonies are very similar. All of these colonies had to find ways to survive. They all had to learn ways to survive from the Native Americans. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts were successful but Roanoke did not last, no one knows what happened to this colony. Geographically speaking, all of theses colonies were clinging to the eastern edge of America. Native Americans were to the west of the settlements and that did not allow the colonies to expand westward very much in the early years. The colonists were also not aware of all of the land that was available to the west. So as you can see there are many similarities and differences in the colonies in America....
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history essay topic 2 - started it all Roanoke was the...

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