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This is Mexico alone - educational needs of the diverse...

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This is Mexico alone; imagine all of the vacationers in Florida, California, and on the coast of the great state of Texas. As you can see, water is a great resource to have for recreation. Water is a very valuable aspect of our society. Like most Americans, water has been a large source of entertainment and fun for my family and I. I can remember taking swimming lessons every year with my cousin and my younger brother. After a while, we all were able to swim fairly well but we kept going just to play in the pool. Water can also be a source of relaxation. We always see the rich people in the movies floating in their pools to relax and escape the pressures of their every day life. Water is calming, a good way to relieve stress, and overall, just relax. I do not know what it is, but water just puts one at ease. Whether it is an ocean, river or lake, one’s cares seemingly just drift away. “At Texas State University faculty and students are dedicated to excellence in serving the
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Unformatted text preview: educational needs of the diverse population of Texas and the world beyond. ( ) Not all of those educational needs are related to core subjects and what major you are majoring in. Texas State students have a tremendous opportunity to learn about a wonderful resource that we have here in San Marcos, water. The beautiful San Marcos River runs directly through the campus of Texas State. Things such as Sewell Park and the Glass-Bottom boats are provided to Texas State students in order for them to learn about this spectacular resource. Sewell Park is one of the most inviting and relaxing spaces on the Texas State campus. The spring-fed crystal clear San Marcos River runs through the park and remains seventy-two degrees year round. ( ) Sewell Park is definitely a leisure spot on campus....
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