One night at the opera

One night at the opera - One night at the opera Newman...

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Unformatted text preview: One night at the opera, Newman introduces Valentin to Noémie Nioche. He tells Newman that the girl is not very honorable and that the girl's father knows this and consents to it. Newman is shocked and disagrees. Nevertheless, Valentin is intrigued by Noémie's flirtatious charms. He plans to see her some more. Sometime later, at a dinner party, Newman is introduced to Lord Deepmere, a distant relative from England. Lord Deepmere seems interested in Claire de Cintré. After the six months have elapsed, Newman proposes once again to Claire de Cintré, and to everyone's surprise, she accepts him. He wants to give a party, but the Bellegardes say it is their duty. At the ball, Newman is introduced to all of the aristocracy of France. The grand duchess, the titular head of European society, is delighted with Newman, but Newman is so happy that he does not notice that Lord Deepmere spends all of his...
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