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Upon his arrival in Europe

Upon his arrival in Europe - Upon his arrival in Europe...

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Unformatted text preview: Upon his arrival in Europe, Christopher Newman begins to visit the various art galleries. In Paris, he meets, in the Louvre, a young girl who is making a copy of a great master. He prefers the copy to the original and offers to buy it. The young girl, Mademoiselle Noémie Nioche, sells it to him at a much higher price than it is worth. While at the Louvre, he meets an old acquaintance, Tom Tristram, whom he knew during the Civil War. He tells Tristram how much money he has made since the war and about his decision suddenly to drop out of the business and travel in Europe. When he suggests that he is on the lookout for a wife, Tristram tells him that Mrs. Tristram could help him. After several meetings, Mrs. Tristram suggests that he should court Madame Claire de Cintré, a very proud and inaccessible young lady who comes from one of Europe's oldest aristocracies. Later, Newman accidently drops in and who comes from one of Europe's oldest aristocracies....
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