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English essay 5 - is that everyone is not rich; Therefore,...

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First name, last name English 1310 Wednesday, November 28, 2007 Noll 1,119 words Money makes the world go ‘round What if money had no affect on the way that a person lived their life? Everything was care free and there were no worries in the world. In reality, the amount of money that one has and their social status determines everything about their life. Money determines whether or not one gets into a good school or if they have to struggle financially every day of their life. A person’s financial situation determines if they can get things that they want or if they are forced to get things that they need. One’s social class and the amount of money that they have determine their lifestyle and the quality of education that they obtain. Equality amongst Americans can be accomplished as long as everyone is rich. The reality
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Unformatted text preview: is that everyone is not rich; Therefore, Americans are not equal. Gregory Mantsios, an essayist who discusses social classes in America, writes in his essay, Class in America 2003, that, The United States is fundamentally a classless society. Class distinctions are largely irrelevant today, and whatever differences do exist in economic standing, they are for the most part insignificant. Rich or poor, we are all equal in the eyes of the law, and such basic needs as health care and education are provided to all regardless of economic standing ( Rereading America 309). Society chooses to accept this myth because this is the way that America should be....
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