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College is necessary to enter and stay in the middle class. Teaching is not a priority to most teachers now. Only about 44% of college professors are full time professors. A girl spends 3-4 hours studying per day and she works 48 hours per week. She is essentially from the middle class. Her parents told her that they would try to help her pay for college if they could. But since she has been in college that had not been the case. Thought she could pay for college using credit cards but she maxed one out and soon another came in the mail. She was in debt. 68% of college students work at least 15 hours a week 20% of college students work full time and go to school full time. 3% of students attend the nations top private universities Nearly 50% of students go to 2 year community colleges.
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Unformatted text preview: • 2 out of 3 community college students leave without a degree. • Average college tuition has gone up about 62% in the past 20 years. Thesis : Opportunities for educational achievement are limited due to the high drop out rate amongst college students and the increasing price of tuition. Body Paragraph1 : Working students can be overwhelmed by their jobs and the college experience and sometimes dropping out seems to be the only option. Body Paragraph 2 : If a student is not employed, the drastic rise in the price of tuition almost forces them to get a job. Conclusion : Our system of higher education is inadequate because it stays away from the basis of learning. They are so concerned with money that learning doesn’t matter anymore. MONEY...
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