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From the text - fight too. In chapter five, Graves tells a...

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From the text, one can assume that the settlers on the western frontier were a lot like the Comanche’s. John Graves says, “Sharp around the edges, not tender…They couldn’t have been, bringing wagonloads of women and kids and chattels where they brought them. Like the Comanche’s, they were unlovable to neighbors of other breeds, but like the Comanche’s too they did not care. ( Goodbye to a River page 26). From this statement alone, one can tell that there would be conflicts between the Comanche’s and the Europeans that settled in Texas along the Brazos River. John Graves seems very resilient to say that “His people” may have been at least partly responsible for the violent acts of the Comanche’s. Even though the Comanche’s were nomadic, they still lived on this part of the land. Then the settlers came in and pushed them off of it. If someone came into my house and tried to move me out of it so that they could live there, I think that I would
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Unformatted text preview: fight too. In chapter five, Graves tells a story about a war hero who had been away from home for a while. When he was on his way home he was killed by Comanche Indians. Graves says, When he was back in his own county again, headed home (home for him now was up the river a way) in a wagon with two friends, the Comanches killed them and scalped them and looted their baggage, but overlooked $11,000 in cash in the toe of a boot ( Goodbye to a River page 43). The Comanches were obviously a group of people that no one wanted to mess with. This should serve as an example in American history. Historians study what has already happened because history seems to repeat itself. If we are going to be prepared for the future we have to be familiar with the past. So, if anyone wants to go push a group of people out of their home, beware, because these were only some of the consequences....
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