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Response questions for 10107

Response questions for 10107 - on More than any emotion I...

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1. The advertisement that I picked is for Bishop Square town homes. The ad shows a woman without a shirt covering her chest with her hands. There is a small banner going across her chest that says "How does your living communtiy stack up?" It only shows the woman from her lips to just below her breast so I cannot tell what her facial expression is. The focal point, or the place that your attention is drawn is her breast. 2. Most of all I think that the advertisement is trying to catch your attention. Also, of course, the advertisement is trying to create some kind of sexual emotion. I am led to believe this because the woman is topless. 3. Human nature draws me to this ad because i'm a male and the woman has no shirt
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Unformatted text preview: on. More than any emotion, I think that the ad just draws my attention. 4. I think that this emotion is just an "attention grabber" so that you will read the advertisement . But besides that, the topless woman really has nothing to do with town homes. 5. If Jean Kilbourne were to look at my ad, she would definently identify that the woman was topless. She would probably say that it is trying to promote this fantasy that people imagine when they see this ad. Something that people know that they cant have, but they want it just because it is pictured in the advertisement....
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