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Response questions - 1 She says that she like raps ability to be alternately beautiful poignant powerful strong irreverent visceral and mesmorizing

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1. She says that she like raps ability to be alternately beautiful, poignant, powerful, strong, irreverent, visceral, and mesmorizing. She fears that black-on-black love will disappear. She also says that blacks are killing one another and we are having a hard time loving each other. She fears for women because they are exposing themselves to sexism when they listen to rap music. I think that she right about the anger and killing in rap music being wrong, but I also think that there is another side to those stories. Maybe they have seen things like this in real life. 2.The "war zone" that she is talking about is the streets. She talks about how rappers rap about being high, drinking and killing people. I think that she is saying that the rappers lifestyle and "ready to die" mentality may be a cause of this. 3. By redemtive healing space, I think that she means a change to something positive. I think she means to take the power that hip hop has, to make people notice the pain and struggle that the community goes through. I think that you would establish it by taking
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