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1. She says that "The main goal (in advertising), as in pornography, is usually power over another, either by the physical dominance or preferred status of men or what is seen as the exploitative power of female beauty and female sexuality." I find her argument somewhat persuasive because all of her information is not true in my opinion. Some products do dehumanize people but I'm not sure if they are there to fulfill peoples sexual fantisies. But I do believe that the pictures stregthen her argument because they always show the men in a dominant
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Unformatted text preview: role and if there is no man in the picture the woman is always submissive. 2. Kilbourne thinks that it is dangerous to depict men and women this way because people will actually think that that is how life really is. She says that the handsome men in the ads that everyone wants to be with is actually the worst kind of man to be with. And men capable of real intimacy constantly have their very masculinity impugned. She thinks that women are more suseptible to pain so the objectification is more troubling and I agree with her....
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