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Response questions for 101707

Response questions for 101707 - worth of classes I actually...

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1. He says that America is applying themselves to the wrong things. He says that we retain stupid facts such as things to do with sports. I don't fully agree with him but I can see his point. If we applied our minds to politics as much as we do sports, we would have a more successful society. I think that the "question/answer" method limits the art of critical thinking. 2. My elementary and high school memories do not really relate to his. I was always in the correct grade and school sometimes got hard. I couldn't just sit through 12 years
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Unformatted text preview: worth of classes, I actually had to pay attention. I don't think that he likes the situation of our schools. He says that our schools are literally falling apart and our teachers are being neglected. 3. I believe that the grim picture of American schools is accurate. I also believe that with the quality of an average school library or not having a library is taking away from the students. They don't have as much of an opportunity to learn....
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