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17.1 1. New college president, Lincoln Brown, raised $3 million to renovate the drama facilities on campus for students. 2. The value of performing arts was important to Mr. Brown because he once played Horatio in a college production of Hamlet. 3. Former graduates of the school helped Mr. Brown convice wealthy people to make donations to the renovation of the old theatre. 4. A prominent banker who had once played Hamlet uexpectedly donated $1 million and gave President Brown and the students a reason to celebrate. 17.2 1. Activist from different political groups are unhappy about the lack of morality and standards in television and would like producers to make more responsible programs. 2. The group on the left is demanded to eliminate hurtful gender, racial, and ethnic
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Unformatted text preview: stereotypes, particularly from situational comedies. 3. Groups on the political right are irritated because television disregards any role of religion in sitcoms. 4. The First Amendment is the response that television producers use when a person mentions raising censorship. 17.5 1. Protesters increased when city officials decided to have more health inspectors in resturants. 2. Prior to the determination of city officials, resturants had good relations with local health ordinances. 3. Rodent droppings in pantries and the storage of meat at incorrect tempatures further concened TV reporters. 4. Politicans and resturanteurs needed a quick solution to this embarrassing problem....
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