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Response questions for 102407

Response questions for 102407 - either with us or with...

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1. He says that the rest of the world thinks that America is very arrogant and they don't know anything about other countries unless they are invading them. He also says that America thinks that it has all the answers and the right to impose them on everyone else. Yes I do agree to a certain extent because Americans tend to think that they are better than every one else. 3. He doesn't like the way that America forces itself upon other countries. He says that when president Bush made his first speech on terrorism he told the other countries were
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Unformatted text preview: either with us or with terrorism. I believe that "terrorism was a justification for the United States to get revenge after September 11. 4. Blowback is a CIA term for how foreign policy can come back to haunt a country years later in unforeseen ways, especially after cases of secret operations. I believe that this can directly equate with the motives of terrorist. If we do something to them, they are going to retaliate, just as we did during 911....
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