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Along with the low pay

Along with the low pay - Along with the low pay her job is...

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Along with the low pay, her job is also lacking benefits. She hopes and prays that nothing goes wrong, or there are no emergencies, because she knows that she has no money to pay for the bill. This trap only pushes her further into poverty. This kind of situation does not only affect the mother, it also affects the children. Everyday they watch their mother struggle to provide for them, and they know that there has to be another way. As soon as they are old enough to work, they go get jobs, probably jobs of the same quality as their mother’s. They become so focused on the money that they forget about their other responsibilities, such as school. Soon they figure that this is enough money for them. They believe that they can make a living working here and everything will be fine. Soon they are struggling, and it takes them back to the same situation that they came from. As you can see, minimum wage does not only affect the person drawing the paycheck, it affects all of the people around them.
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