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The TicketCounter Class • Single program tests varying numbers of cashiers with the same assumptions each time. Departure time is arrival + 120 if cashier is free, otherwise time cashier is done + 120. public class TicketCounter { public static void main (String [ ] args) { // constants: process time, max # cashiers, # customers Customer customer; QueueADT<Customer> cq = new LinkedQueue<Customer> ( );
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Unformatted text preview: int [ ] cashierTime = new int[MAX_CASHIERS]; int totalTime, averageTime, departs; for (int cashiers=0; cashiers < MAX_CASHIERS; count++) { // set up array, load cq with Customer (count*15) while (!cq.isEmpty( )) { for (int count=0; count < cashiers; count++) { // assign next customer to next cashier, find // their resulting departure time, record it...
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