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Evolution, Scientific Creationism, and Intelligent Design
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Did You Know? According to a 2001 survey the National Science Foundation found that only 53% of Americans agreed with the statement “Human beings, as we know them, developed from earlier species of animals. According to a New York Times article of Feb. 1, 2005 about one-third of American high school biology teachers support the teaching of creationism or “intelligent design. That some IMAX theatres are refusing to show movies that mention evolution or the Big Bang because of protests by religious groups who say the ideas contradict the Bible. According to an article in The Daily Telegraph (UK) filed on Nov. 20, 2005 the American Museum of Natural History unlike - previous exhibitions at the museum - failed to find a single corporate sponsor for an exhibition celebrating the life of Charles Darwin because American companies did not want to take sides in the debate between scientists and fundamentalist Christians over the theory of evolution, and the entire $3 million cost of its exhibition “Darwin” is instead being borne by wealthy individuals and private charitable donations. While the Darwin exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History was unable to find a corporate sponsor - the Creationist Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio, which takes the biblical account of creation literally, has recently raised $7 million in donations.
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