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Name _____________________________ Period _________ AP Biology Date ______________________ 1 of 6 RAVEN CHAPTER 53 GUIDED NOTES: POPULATION ECOLOGY 1. Define ecology. _____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 2. List the four key variables that characterize the environment in which an organism lives. a.__________________________________ c. ___________________________________ b.__________________________________ d. ___________________________________ 3. In coping with environmental changes organisms have evolved two distinct approaches. Characterize each. Give an example of each. a. endotherm (regulator) ______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ b. ectotherm (conformer) _____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 4. Define population. ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 5. List the 3 characteristics that can be used to describe a population. a.__________________________________ c. ___________________________________ b.__________________________________ 6. List some of the factors that determine the range of a population of organisms. (In effect, explain why polar bears are found in the Arctic but not in the tropical rainforest). __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________
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Name _____________________________ AP Biology 2 of 6 7. Describe three patterns of population distribution. a._________________________________________________________________________ b._________________________________________________________________________ c._________________________________________________________________________ 8. Application : One species of birds is highly territorial, while a second lives in flocks. What is each species’ likely pattern of dispersion? Explain. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 9. Define demography. _________________________________________________________
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Ch53guidednotesRaven - Name Peri od AP Biol ogy Date RAVEN...

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