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Unformatted text preview: 1 ECOLOGICAL GENOMICS • Anti Vasemägi, Erica Leder • Department: Department of Biology (genetics) • Time and duration: period 3-4 (30 January to 8 March, 2007) • Contact hours: 14 hours of lectures, 6 hours of computer demonstrations and exercises • Credits: 3 study points TIMETABLE REQUIRED ACTIVITES • Students are expected to: 1) Attendance at least 80% of lectures and 100% of computer sessions 2) Complete the assigned exercises during computer sessions 3) Complete the required reading before the associated class section. 4) Successful completion of a written personal project 2 ENCOURAGED ACTIVITIES • The following will help you learn more: 1) Think and ask questions during lectures (Don't assume that you will figure it out later from notes... I will try to come up with the questions also during the lectures -> you are expected to provide answers!) 2) Spend time exploring on-line resources related to genomics 3) Attend seminars in the area of ecological genomics. We will announce some in class. Organization of the course • Lecture and computer class materials available at: AND CONSERVATION GENETICS/Ecological Genomics Jan-Mar 2007/ • Additional material from the primary scientific literature will be assigned • Computer exercises should be completed during computer sessions • Personal project (minimal size 3-4 pages, written in English, single line spacing, font 12) should be completed and returned at latest on 12 th of March 2007 Recommended reading Introduction to Ecological Genomics Nico M van Straalen and Dick Roelofs 2006...
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