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BIOLOGY 321: ECOLOGY LABORATORY & FIELD MANUAL Instructor: C. PARADISE DAVIDSON COLLEGE TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION PAGE 1: Laboratory and Field Safety Agreements 2 2: Overview of Ecology & Developing Ecological Hypotheses 6 3: Forest Succession 1 7 4: Community-based Project in Ecology 13 5: Patterns, Processes, and Observational Ecology 18 6: Preparing and Writing Scientific Research Reports 34 7: Preparing Oral Presentations 45 1 Adapted with permission from Stamp, NE (1994) Ecology Lab Manual, Binghamton University.
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Bio 321 Laboratory and Field Manual, p. 2 1: Laboratory and Field Safety Agreements Introduction It is critical that safety rules are followed: failure to do so could cause injury. Eating and drinking in the laboratory are absolutely prohibited. In addition, if you are coming to laboratory with a drink or food, dispose of your containers and wrappers outside the laboratory. In ecolo gy, there won’t be many times when we’ll be handling chemicals, but if we do, remember to wear appropriate safety equipment. Also, please wash your hands before leaving class, and sort waste according to type. There will be designated containers for the following: glassware, sharps, and chemicals. Always know what you are handling and how to dispose of it. You have a right to know about the chemicals with which you work just ask. Whether we’re going in the field or staying in the laboratory, wear a ppropriate clothing. This means no sandals or open-toed shoes, no cut-offs, or baggy clothes, and no dangling jewelry. In addition, if we’re in the field, it’s best to wear long pants and shirts with sleeves, especially if you’re sensitive to poison ivy or insect bites. Make sure you know where the emergency equipment is and how it works. There are flip charts in the laboratory with simple instructions. Always look out for potential hazards, keep your work area clean and free of clutter, and look out for yourself and your laboratory partners. Davidson College Department of Biology Laboratory Use Agreement Read the following carefully before you sign the forms at the end of this section. In order to have access to laboratory facilities in Watson or Dana Laboratories, you must agree to the conditions. By signing this document, you agree to follow the following rules and accept the risks and responsibilities that accompany use of a scientific laboratory. RULES 1) I will only access rooms and use equipment where I have been granted permission. Access to a room does not convey unlimited use of the facilities within a room and requires previous training in safety and emergency procedures. 2) I will only access rooms and use equipment for BIOLOGY courses. Within the permitted room, I may only use equipment on which I have been trained by a faculty or staff member and I may only use that equipment for designated assignments. Students may not grant permission or provide training for each other 3) I will only use equipment for which I have prior approval and training by the course instructor. I
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