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1 GUIDE TO ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS TEXTBOOKS David Pearce CSERGE-Economics, UCL, Gower St, London, WC1E 6BT. d.pearce@ucl.ac.uk June 2002 This brief guide is designed to help students at European universities choose material from what is now a significant number of textbooks on environmental economics. In general, they are good and each one has something to offer. But coverage varies widely and in a few cases the treatment is inadequate, either because it is misleading or, more probably, because it is outdated. A few texts are not recommended, and for B48 students it is important to be aware that quite a few of the American texts are (a) geared towards US institutions and legislation, and (b) are designed for non-economists. They tend therefore to be below the level required for B48. This guide offers you a professional, but nonetheless personal, judgement on the material available. Note that some of the texts have gone to several editions, so be sure you have the latest one. Author's name in bold indicates the reference in the discussion of content. The number in square brackets at the end of the reference indicates a judgemental score on the value of the text: 1 is poor, 5 is very good. UNDERGRADUATE TEXTS: 1990 onwards J Asafu-Adjaye . 2000. Environmental Economics for Non-Economists . Singapore: World Scientific.[2] (not recommended). J Bowers . 1997. Sustainability and Environmental Economics: an Alternative Text . 1 st edition only. NJ: Prentice Hall. [1] (Not recommended). S Callan and J Thomas . 2000. Environmental Economics and Management: Theory, Policy and Applications . 2 nd edition. Fort Worth: Dryden Press. [3.5] (Some good sections not dealt with in other texts. Very American.) G. Carlson ., D Zilberman and J Miranowski. 1993. Agricultural and Environmental Resource Economics . 1 st edition only. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Included here because, although each chapter is an invited contribution from a separate author, the chapters are written as teaching material). [2.5] D Chapman , 2000. Environmental Economics - Theory, Application, and Policy . 1 st edition only. Reading: Mass: Addison Wesley [3] (Tends to be below the level needed for B48 at UCL). E Goodstein . 1999. Economics and the Environment . 2 nd edition. NJ: Prentice Hall [3.5] (Tends to be below the level needed for B48 at UCL).
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2 B Field and M Field . 1997. Environmental Economics: an Introduction . 3rd edition. New York: McGraw Hill (previous editions by Barry Field alone). [4] (Tends to be below the level needed for B48 at UCL). B. Field .2001. Natural Resource Economics: an Introduction . 1 st edition only. McGraw Hill.[4] (Tends to be below the level needed for B48 at UCL). N
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