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Teachers’ Notes Introduction Support for A level Economics One of the problems in teaching economics at A level is to find ways of integrating abstract economic theory with real life dilemmas and problems. This is a particular problem with microeconomic theory. The intention of this e-source is to try to develop some of the standard micro-theory required by all examination boards in the context of a topical and controversial problem area. The aim has been to provide material which can engage students' interest and encourage them to use abstract economic theory as a positive problem-solving tool. The e-source relates directly to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority’s subject criteria for Advanced Supplementary and Advanced Level Economics. In particular, its approach reflects the aims set out in section 2.1 that “AS and A level specifications in Economics should encourage students to: develop an understanding of economic concepts and theories through a critical consideration of current economic issues, problems and institutions that affect everyday life; apply economic concepts and theories in a range of contexts and to appreciate their value and limitations in explaining real-world phenomena; analyse, explain and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the market economy and the role of government within it”. The theoretical material covered in the e- source relates directly to a number of the areas specified in the subject criteria. These include: the reason for individuals, organisations and societies having to make choices; how competitive markets work; why markets may not work efficiently; and the impact of government intervention on market outcomes and efficiency. The Economics of Health Care Teachers’ Notes Page 1 Support for Vocational A level Courses Vocational A level Business , particularly Unit 1: Business at Work , and Unit 3: Marketing . Vocational A level Health and Social Care , particularly Unit 5: Health, Social Care and Early Years Services. Using the Material The advantage of this subject area is that it can engage students’ interest and stimulate some lively discussions. All the units in the e-source have been written with A level students in mind. However, while some of the material is directly related to the mainstream theoretical requirements of the A level syllabuses, other parts are more in the nature of extension material. There are several ways in which the units could be used. The simplest would be as extension material where the students read the units and answer the questions as a way of reinforcing theoretical concepts introduced in class. Another approach would be to incorporate part or all of different units into class sessions and some possibilities are suggested below. All units are intended for use with
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teachersnotes - The Economics of Health Care Teachers Notes...

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