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Report # 1 – Geology and Landslides in Southern California Due 13 Sept 2005 (at the START of class!!!) Of interest to urban planners, geologists, and others is the ability to predict where landslides are likely to occur in the future. A dataset containing information about landslides and geological characteristics is available for a portion of Southern California. The data are a small portion of a much larger dataset collected for study into prediction of earthquake-induced landslides. So, the population here is the value of the variables listed below for the entire set of 100m square grid cells overlaid on a map of this region of Southern California. The sample is the data associated with the subset of 822 grid cells randomly taken from the region. Each row in the dataset contains the measurements for one 100 square meter grid cell. The variables in the dataset are: dem100c – the average elevation of the cell in meters calculated from a digital elevation model maintained by the USGS. For this region, the range is 250 to 1200 m, approximately.
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