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Business Org. Supplemental Material - Outline of Topics for...

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Outline of Topics for Business Organizations 1. Topics discussed in homework assignment and in class. 2. For 6 different business organization forms (sole proprietorship, general partnership, public corporation; subchapter S corporation; LLC) you need to understand and apply to a hypothetical start-up situation the following factors affecting choice of business organization form. a. tax ramifications; b. owner liability (extent of liability); c. control considerations; d. ease and expense of formation and operation; e. projected life of the business; f. raise capital: angel investors versus venture capitalists (what kind of downside protections do vc wants? Preferred stock, perhaps preferred convertible stock with voting rights and anti-dilution protections so that future rounds of venture captial do not unduly dilute their ownership stake in the corporation. g. transferability of ownership interests. Partnership Law 1. Creation of a Partnership a. Express, Implied, by Estoppel b. Partnership Agreement (must be in writing if duration to be longer than one year) 2. Source of Law: State, UPA 3. Definition of Partnership: 4 criteria, most important is receipt of net profits. 4.
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Business Org. Supplemental Material - Outline of Topics for...

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