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Gas-Formation Reactions A gas-formation reaction is a type of reaction in which there is a formation of an insoluble or slightly soluble gas when there are no gaseous reactants. Displacement reactions in which an active metal displaces from an acid or from water are gas- formation reactons; they are not methathesis reactions. Gas-Formation Reactions Consider hydrochloric acid with calcium carbonate to form carbonic acid. Gas-Formation Reactions Enough heat is generated in the reaction to cause thermal decomposition of carbonic acid. Synthesis Question Barium sulfate is a commonly used imaging agent for gastrointestinal X-rays. This compound can be prepared by some of the simple reactions described in this chapter. Write a balanced aqueous reaction for the production of barium sulfate.
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Unformatted text preview: You can choose any aqueous starting materials that will form barium sulfate! Synthesis Question Find two aqueous soluble compounds that have Ba in one compound and SO 4 2-in the second. When they are mixed, the barium sulfate will precipitate out. One possibility is: Group Activity Pretend that you are one of our lab TA’s and that you have been given the assignment to prepare unknowns for a qualitative analysis experiment. In a single solution you must have the following ions: Bi 3+ , Cd 2+ , and Cu 2+ . You must make this solution using three different anions. What three compounds would you choose to make this solution so that no precipitate forms? 6 Some Types of Chemical Reactions...
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