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Decomposition Reactions

Decomposition Reactions - Displacement Reactions 1[More...

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Decomposition Reactions 2. Compound One Element + Compound(s) decomposition of hydrogen peroxide Decomposition Reactions 3. Compound Compound + Compound decomposition of ammonium hydrogen carbonate Displacement Reactions Displacement reactions occur when one element displaces another element from a compound. These are redox reactions in which the more active metal displaces the less active metal of hydrogen from a compound in aqueous solution. Activity series is given in Table 4-14.
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Unformatted text preview: Displacement Reactions 1. [More Active Metal + Salt of Less Active Metal] → [Less Active Metal + Salt of More Active Metal] – molecular equation Displacement Reactions Total ionic equation You do it! Net ionic equation You do it! Displacement Reactions 2. [Active Metal + Nonoxidizing Acid] → [Hydrogen + Salt of Acid] – Common method for preparing hydrogen in the laboratory. – HNO 3 is an oxidizing acid. Molecular equation Displacement Reactions...
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