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Naming Some 23

Naming Some 23 - dinitrogen tetroxide N 2 O 5 nitrogen...

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Naming Some Inorganic Compounds Formula Name CO carbon monoxide CO 2 carbon dioxide SO 3 sulfur trioxide OF 2 oxygen difluoride P 4 O 6 tetraphosphorus hexoxide P 4 O 10 tetraphosphorus decoxide Naming Some Inorganic Compounds The oxides of nitrogen illustrate why covalent compounds need prefixes and ionic compounds do not. Formula Old Name Modern Name N 2 O nitrous oxide dinitrogen monoxide NO nitric oxide nitrogen monoxide N 2 O 3 nitrogen trioxide dinitrogen trioxide NO 2 nitrogen dioxide nitrogen dioxide N 2 O 4 nitrogen tetroxide
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Unformatted text preview: dinitrogen tetroxide N 2 O 5 nitrogen pentoxide dinitrogen pentoxide Naming Some Inorganic Compounds Ternary Acids and Their Salts are made of three elements. – The elements are H, O, & a nonmetal. Two of the compounds are chosen as the basis for the nomenclature system. – Higher oxidation state for nonmetal is named (stem)ic acid. – Lower oxidation state for nonmetal is named (stem)ous acid Salts are named based on the acids....
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