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Naming Some Inorganic Compounds Formula Name CO carbon monoxide CO 2 carbon dioxide SO 3 sulfur trioxide OF 2 oxygen difluoride P 4 O 6 tetraphosphorus hexoxide P 4 O 10 tetraphosphorus decoxide Naming Some Inorganic Compounds The oxides of nitrogen illustrate why covalent compounds need prefixes and ionic compounds do not. Formula Old Name Modern Name N 2 O nitrous oxide dinitrogen monoxide NO nitric oxide nitrogen monoxide N 2 O 3 nitrogen trioxide dinitrogen trioxide NO 2 nitrogen dioxide nitrogen dioxide N 2 O 4 nitrogen tetroxide
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Unformatted text preview: dinitrogen tetroxide N 2 O 5 nitrogen pentoxide dinitrogen pentoxide Naming Some Inorganic Compounds Ternary Acids and Their Salts are made of three elements. The elements are H, O, & a nonmetal. Two of the compounds are chosen as the basis for the nomenclature system. Higher oxidation state for nonmetal is named (stem)ic acid. Lower oxidation state for nonmetal is named (stem)ous acid Salts are named based on the acids....
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