MgCl2 magnesium chloride

MgCl2 magnesium chloride - 1 Older method – add suffix...

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MgCl 2 magnesium chloride Li 2 S lithium sulfide Al 2 O 3 aluminum oxide Na 3 P sodium phosphide Mg 3 N 2 magnesium nitride Notice that binary ionic compounds with metals having one oxidation state (representative metals) do not use prefixes or Roman numerals. Naming Some Inorganic Compounds Binary ionic compounds containing metals that exhibit more than one oxidation state Metals exhibiting multiple oxidation states are: 1. most of the transition metals 2. Naming Some Inorganic Compounds There are two methods to name these compounds.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Older method – add suffix “ic” to element’s Latin name for higher oxidation state – add suffix “ous” to element’s Latin name for lower oxidation state 2. Modern method – use Roman numerals in parentheses to indicate metal’s oxidation state Naming Some Inorganic Compounds Compound Old System Modern System FeBr 2 ferrous bromide iron(II) bromide FeBr 3 ferric bromide iron(III) bromide SnO stannous oxidetin(II) oxide...
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