Fetal development 2

Fetal development 2 - 21-30 weeks- substantial increase in...

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Fetal development 4-6 weeks – heart pumping blood 8 weeks – limbs present,bone formationbegins 9-12 weeks – can determine sex from ultrasound 12-16 weeks – sense organs are in position,blinking sucking motion of lips occur 16-20 weeks – vernix cae\seosa (fatty secretions of sebaceous glands) cover body; silk like hair (languo) covers skin
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Unformatted text preview: 21-30 weeks- substantial increase in weight,may survive if delivered prematurely at 26-28 weeks but hypothalamus too immature to regulate body temperature and surfactant production by lungs is inadequate,skin is wrinkled and red,finger/toe nails present • 30-40 week – skin whitish.pink,testes enter scrotum,fat laid down in subcutaneous tissue...
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