Fetal Development - Also called a zygote Rapid mitotic cell...

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Fetal Development Stages Ovum – from fertilization to implantation (about 8 days) Embryo – from implantation to end of second month (8 weeks) Fetus – from first day of third month to end of pregnancy Fetal development- fertilization Egg is good fro up to 24 hours Sperm can live up to 48 (only takes 1-2 to get to fallopian tubes) Tip of sperm has enzyme that breaks membrane on egg Membrane immediately changes so no others can get in Fertilized Egg
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Unformatted text preview: Also called a zygote Rapid mitotic cell division ad it travels into uterus - called cleavage Layers form endoderm,mesoderm,ectoderm Implantation Zygote implants into endometrial wall and develops elaborate projections that form the: Placents delivers nutrients and gets rid of waste Amnion fluid fetus is in (this is the water when the water breaks) Umbilical cord connects fetus to placenta...
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