Transportation of sperm out of the body

Transportation of sperm out of the body - Ejaculation and...

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Transportation of sperm out of the body Ejaculation; the forceful expulsion of semen;occurs during sexual intercourse and during sleep (nocturnal emission) Sperm and seminal fluid move from the vas deferens through the urethra Erection;must occur prior to ejaculation;follows sexual excitement After erection,the friction of copulation stimulates nerve ending in the glans,which sends impulses to the thalamus and cerebral cortex Physical pleasure activates a second reflex mechanism,producing ejaculation
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Unformatted text preview: Ejaculation and the accompanying feeling of pleasure constitute the male orgasm Ejaculated sperm immediately begin swimming upward toward the uterus About 300-500 million sperm cells are present in and average 3-5 cc ejaculation Under ideal conditions,they can travel from the upper end of the vagina near the cervix to the upper third of the uterine tubes in about 30 minutes....
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