The seminal vesicle

The seminal vesicle - • Secretes and alkaline fluid that...

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The seminal vesicle Small sacs divided into lobules Opens to the prostatic urethra Produce and alkaline fluid which contains fructose (sugar for sperm) Along with prostate secretions and sperm cells,make up the seminal fluid or semen The prostate Located below the urinary bladed,anterior to the rectum Pear shaped about the size of a walnut Consists of glandu;lar,connective and smooth muscle tissue
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Unformatted text preview: • Secretes and alkaline fluid that is a portion of semen • Opens into the urethra by means of numerous pores • May become inflamed,enlarged or both and interfere with urination • May become cancerous Cowper’s Gland • Small tear drop shaped positioned below the urethra and prostate • Produce and alkaline,mucus like secretion which may help lubricate the penis during intercourse...
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