Arteries - • Bicuspid – valve between left atrium and...

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Arteries – carry blood away from the heart Veins – carry blood toward the heart Capillaries – tiny blood vessels with walls that are only one cell thick Septum – thick wall that divides the heart into two sides Atria – upper chambers of the heart that receive blood Ventricles – lower chambers of the hear that pump blood out of the heart Tricuspid – valve between right atrium and right ventricle
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Unformatted text preview: • Bicuspid – valve between left atrium and right ventricle • Semilunar – valves found between the ventricles and blood vessels • Pericardium – membrane around the heart • Pulmonary artery – the only artery in the body rich in carbon dioxide • Pulmonary vein – the only vein in body rich in oxygen...
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