Sclera - • Iris – lining of eye with...

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Sclera – white connective tissue seen anteriorly in the eye Fovea centralis – are of retina with only cones Chroid coat layer of the eye that has many blood vessels to nourish the eye;middle layer Vitreous humor – gel substance behind the lens;it is not replaces Retina – ring of muscular tissue that determines how much light enters the eye Cornea- transparent anterior portion of eye; can be transplanted without fear of rejection Aqueous humor – the gluid in the anterior chamber of the eye
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Unformatted text preview: • Iris – lining of eye with photoreceptors (rods and cones) • Optical nerve – signals leave the retina toward the brain by way of this • Ciliary body – hold the lens in place by connecting to the ciliary body • Optic disc – area of retina with no photoreceptors • Suspensory ligaments – ligaments attach here to hold the lens in place • Lens – structure that focuses light onto the retina; it is biconcave and crystal like...
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