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Aueurysm - • Atherosclerosis – when the artery wall...

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Aueurysm – abnormal widening/ballooning of the artery due to weakness in the wall of vessel Embolism –obstruction of a blood vessel by and embolus Thrombus – a fixed clot that develops and persists in an unbroken vessel Tachycardia –abnomal excessively rapid heart rate Bradycardia – heart beating too fast/slow or irregularly Heart murmur – lub dub; extra or unusual sound heard during heartbeat
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Unformatted text preview: • Atherosclerosis – when the artery wall thickens • Angina pectoris – sever chest pain due to lack of oxygen and blood • Anemia – body doesn’t have enough heathly RBC’s • Myocardial infarction – blood supply to the heart is blocked (heart attack) • Varicose veins – swollen/twisted veins that fill with and abnormal collection of blood...
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