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Heart beat - down,then up again • The Sinoatrial node(SA...

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Heart beat Both ventricles simultaneously fill with blood The atriventricular valves slam shut,preventing blood from moving back into the atria This shutting of the atrioventricular creates the first sound of your heartbeat The ventricles relax and the semilunar valves shut Intiated by a small pulse of electric current “shock” spreads rapidly in the heart and makes the muscle contract If the whole heart muscle contracted at the same time,there would be no pumping effect So electric activity starts at the tops of the heart at the sinoatrial or SA node and spreads
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Unformatted text preview: down,then up again • The Sinoatrial node (SA node) is the pacemaker of the heart • If it doesn’t work you can get an artificial one implanted in your heart • Electrocardiogram,ECG or EKG measures electrical activity of the heart • P wave indicated that the “QRS complex” – indicates that the ventricles are contracting to pumps out blood • The T wave indicates the resting period (repolarization) of the ventricles...
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