Capillary - • Thinner than arteries • Have venous...

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Capillary Very thin Only one epithelial cell thick Blood cells have to pass single file through capillaries To help release excess heat,the blood delivers the heat to the capillaries which then rapidly release it to the tissue. The result is that your skin takes on a flushed,red appearance Veins Carry blood to the heart Venuoles (little veins) receive blood from the capillaries
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Unformatted text preview: • Thinner than arteries • Have venous valves to prevent back flow and pooling • Contraction of skeletal muscle move blood in veins Circulation • Two main types • Systemic circulation • Heart-aorta-arteries-arterioles-capillaries-venules-veins-back to heart • Pulmonary circulation – heart to lungs back to heart...
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